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Project Lombok – first look

Project Lombok allows reducing the unnecessary code. By annotations generates getters, setters, constructors, toString, hash or others. Spice up your Java!

How to add to project?

  1. apt org.projectlombok:lombok:1.16.12
    compile “org.projectlombok:lombok:1.16.12”
    add to section dependencies in gradle
  2. Install plugin “Lombok Plugin”

– @NonNull


Vanilla Java:

– @Getter/@Setter


Vanilla Java:


  • – generated names in this way: foo -> getFoo()
  • – default access is  public
  • @Getter/@Setter can be used relative to the entire class, then they concern all non-static data
  • – if you want turn off generating setter or getter you can get it throught  AccessLevel.NONE

– @ToString


Vanilla Java:


  • default class name with fields
  • exlude field through exclude e.g exclude="id"
  • add name fileds through includeFieldNames=true  
  • add method toString from super through callSuper=true


– @CleanUp

– @EqualAndHashCode

– @NoArgsConstructor, @RequiredArgsConstructor, @AllArgsConstructor

– @Data

– @Value

– @Builder

– @SneakyThrows

– @Synchronized

– @Getter(lazy=true)

– @Log



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