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My first project

Everyone started to program and each of us has an own first project. My first project was a simple game. It was in 2014/2015. I use C++ and SFML library. IDE was Visual Studio.  I spend a lot of my free time creating this game and have an unusual fun. My main problem was in library SFML. There was very poor collision detection, but I did not give up. I tried to do so, that it was not a trouble in playing. I showed this game to several people. They really like it. It was motivating.

I called my game Boston Explorer. You are a hero and you have to eat something to live. If you eat too little your power can fall to zero and your life is subtracted.

The code is available on GitHub. Of course, this code is very poor, because I really learned what I can and how to do it.

You can check my work on this video or download and install this game (install this if you are missing dll error).

In this way I loved programming.


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