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#Week 1 – Assumptions BBeacon application

What is the beacon?


Beacon is a small device (sometimes containing sensors), often very cheap that used a BLE (Bluetooth 4.0). Why is so important? The reason is simple.  BLE is also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, that mean devices which use this standard can use small batteries and work a long time without change it.  Beacons transmit portions of data in a continuous way up to 50 meters. BBeacon will be an app that can interpret received data and discover, manage and configure beacon. Sensors from which data will be collected include temperature, humidity, acceleration and others.


  • Adding and maintaining new beacons (type, scanning…)
  • Beacon detection
  • Views with received data from beacons sensors
  • Measurement history  (daily, month and years view)
  • Backup data
  • Own notes and notifications after entering or exiting out of range of beacon
  • [optional] added other data from others sources (e.g. air quality, weather)
  • [optional] radar view with beacon position
  • [optional] comparison data from beacon with adequate from other sources
  • [optional] alarm clock mode (user have to be in range of beacon to turn off the alarm clock)
  • [optional] tracking beacon with map view (if beacon will be very small)

Beacon will be designed and created by my friend.

This post is the first post of the competition series “Get Noticed!”.


PS Why I use the English language? Because this is the place for my and your learning. I feel comfortable reading in English and listening to English, but my speaking and writing aren’t so good. I think this will be a correct way to improve my skills. I like constructive feedback. Help me be a better!



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