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Android N (7.1) – what new ?

App shortcuts

Android 7.1 Nougat introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. In this article, we summarize what Google showed in version 7.1.

  • App Shortcuts

    In Android 7.1 you can use shortcuts to key actions in your app. A user by long click on launcher icon can reveal all available shortcuts. Your own shortcut references an intent launching action or task and can be created statically (in the Apk) or dynamically at runtime. You can create max 5 shortcuts in each of your apps.

  • Image Keyboard Support

    Now the Android SDK introduces Commit Content API that provides the universal way for IMEs to send images to the text editor in an app.

  • New Professional Emoji

    Emoji that represent a wider range professions for women and men and in the variety of skin tones.

  • Enhanced Live Wallpaper Metadata

    This feature lets you provide metadata about your live wallpapers to any picker displaying the wallpapers as a preview. You can show existing metadata such as label, description, and author, as well as a new context URL and title to link to more information.

  • Round Icon Resources

    Your launcher icon can be circular.

  • Storage Manager Intent

    ACTION_MANAGE_STORAGE intent that provides free up space screen.

  • Improved VR Thread Scheduling

    Virtual reality apps are very latency sensitive and these new features help improve this.

  • Demo User Hint

    By call UserManager.isDemoUser()  you can check if the device is running as the demo user.

  • APIs for Carriers and Calling Apps

    In Android 7.1 are included new telephony features for carriers and telephone apps, including:

    Multi-endpoint calling
    CDMA voice privacy property
    Source type support for Visual Voicemail
    Carrier configuration options for managing video telephony

  • New Screen Densities for Wear Devices

    The new device densities are:


This article is based mainly on official Android site for developers.


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