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#Week 3 – Show me real views

Hi, last time was very productive. In this week I added Alarm and Scanner tab user interface. I spend a lot of time on projecting views according to Material Design style (recommended by Google, most popular and I think beautiful, simple and transparent ). I decided to use a Collapsing Toolbar Layout in both screens and Recycler Views with Card View (read how it works).

In Alarm screen collapsing part takes a currently time and the most significant info about alarms. You can add alarm by click on Floating Action Button (green circle in bottom right corner). Screen with adding new alarm is at this moment very rough and simple but after entering necessary data they are save in database and views are refreshed already with the new alarm. You can enable and disable the alarm and after clicking the card with the alarm you go to an alarm details. A significant feature is a system of notifications. On the bottom tab are showed a number of currently active alarms.

alarm 300.gif

Currently view of the Alarm tab

In Scanner tab I placed a map with your localization and localization each beacon. At this moment I haven’t info about coordinates so I set a few fake points to present my concept. Of course last positions each beacon could be linked to a single route. In this way, you can check where was last known position your beacon. You can add the beacon by clicking a plus button (similarly, as in Alarm tab at this moment it is very simplified but ended data are saved to the database). You can enable or disable beacon tracking and scanning. A card with beacon shows an information about the connection (distance, the strength of the signal and last data when the beacon was detected). After clicking on the card you can see details about beacon and configure it. Notifications show the number of currently tracked beacons.

scanner 300

Currently view of the Scanner tab

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • add UI to weather
  • research about notifications
  • research about Bluetooth Low Energy



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