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#Week 4 – UI, I need your opinion!

Hi, in last week I work on Weather tab. I haven’t too much time, but my work you can see in the gif above.

I decided to add a header as in others tabs. In this place, you can see the actual weather from Internet in a position which you choose. Of course, at this moment it is only fake data. In free time I make this working on real information (select good API and create requests), but now it isn’t a priority. My main problem is with weather icon animation. I did not have time to repair this situation. Except that, I like this header, but for me, something is missing here. I don’t know what is, maybe you have any idea?

In a card with data from sensors I add example data – temperature, humidity, pressure. The user will be able to add an own note to the parameter with values after achieving he will see in notifications. For instance, you can type “My flowers are thirsty” and the app shows you this message if the humidity in your pot decrease to x %, which you will select. I add also graph with last measurements. At this moment it is only fake data with temperatures from several months, but ultimately it will be customizable. You can select which parameter you want tracking (temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration or for example battery status ). In the green cloud, I show max value from the graph, but you can choice what will be there.

Currently view of the Weather tab

I did a small research about Bluetooth on Android platform. Here some useful links:

I finished implements main views in BBeacon ( the previous post with others views is here). I need your opinion!

Do you like it? What would you change? What would you throw away and what is missing? Would you use such an application?

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Refactor code
  • Add model data from beacon
  • Make simply mocked data



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