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#Week 5 – Configure your alarm

Hi, in last week I focused on Alarm tab. My progress is visible on a screen below. Main changes are noticeable on a header. View with clock shows current a time. I set an interval to refresh  5 seconds, but maybe I will change it to 1 seconds. This view doesn’t process a large amount of data and it shouldn’t be aggravating. I also created a simple algorithm to calculate how much time is to the next alarm.


Currently view of the Alarm tab

Except for the header items with each alarm are now editable and removable. You can also add the alarm. If you click on a rounded button with plus or on the item you will show a screen presented below. In this place, you can customize your alarm. What can you do? Of course, select time (after adding default is selected current time), enable or disable, select days of week when alarm will be repeated, type your alarm name, select which beacon must be achieved to disable alarm (this will be implemented, now only you can select color) and accept changes/add new alarm or discard.


Screen with edit/add new alarm

If I only find some free time I can handle 12-hour clock. In the nearest future, I’m going work on others screens, but here I must only handle the android alarm.

I have two questions to this screens:

  • selecting days of the week to repeat alarm should be possible only on edit/add new alarm screen or also on item view on the tab?
    I decided to allow customize this parameter only on edit/add a new alarm because in item view the user can change it accidentally and it user doesn’t change it very often and configuration the alarm will be in one place in the app.
  • After click on Time to next alarm: x h x min what should become ?
    I decided user can prepare time to alarm, because it will be confusing if a user can click everywhere it will be clickable, but only this view won’t be.

Do you have any ideas or advice?

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Add alarm to Android alarm scheduler
  • Prepare disable alarm view
  • Download and show real weather



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