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#Week 6 – Show me weather

Hi, in last week I focused on Weather tab. As in the picture visible below, the header is light refreshed. Because a problem with weather icon animation I decided to change a layout to following. Important newness is retrieving weather information from the Internet. App consumes API from this site. The main parameter needed to right download weather is location. The application takes your current location and refreshes data. The last synchronization is storage in a database.


Currently view of the Weather tab

The second big news is adding a weather details screen that shows information about weather read from beacons. Now is only mocked UI, but creating this view is connected with the concrete beacon. In this view, you will be able to select notification after achieving value selected by you.


Screen with weather details

I have a problem with this chart library and I’m thinking about choice another. The problem occurs during scrolling a recycler view. Prefetching in recycler view causes errors with animation. I very like the current library, cause maybe I decide to leave it in weather details screen.

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Add alarm to Android alarm scheduler
  • Prepare disable alarm view
  • Connect charts with database




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