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#Week 7 – Icon and code quality

Hi, last days was a little crazy, but work on this project doesn’t slow down. In this week I focused on two main tasks. First was a code quality, a second was a problem with animated charts (I mentioned it here). Additionally, I added an application icon.

Code quality

I spend some time on refactoring and make cleaner my app code. I went through the following steps:

  • extracting strings to resources
  • refactoring layouts
  • refactoring to MVP pattern
  • clean or remove some code

I think now the code has a better quality and is more readable, but of course here is always something to do. Now first in a queue is layouts refactor and optimization.

Problem with chart

I decided to change my library to show graphs. Currently, I use this. In my opinion is more flexible, has a better scaling what will be important for me. A cool feature is a time chart. I try to customize graph to the previous view by using this library and I think I’m close to this goal. How do you think?


Currently view of the Weather tab


It’s the good time to set the application icon. For consistency, I prefer blue icon with beacon symbol. I did a little research and I find something like that in the picture below. I like this icon and it’s free. In the future, maybe I will consider change it (for example by adding first letters my app name). Do you like it?


What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Connect charts with database
  • Refactor layouts
  • Add model to data from sensors



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