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#Week 8 – Notify me

In this week I worked on notifications. I think the best way to observe my progress will be observing screens. I also spent some time working on layouts quality.

Layouts quality

This refactor can be divided into few steps:

  • extracting strings and sizes
  • reusable styles
  • using include
  • using merge

I think by this process I improve layout performance and what is equally important code is more readable.

Notifications conditions

Notification condition can be configured in weather details screen. The user can select which parameter will be observed and when notification will be sent.  I decided to use simple material designed dialog with spinners, but I’m not sure that is the best approach. I’m thinking also of the list with single choice checkboxes. Value each must be achieved is inputted by EdiTtext. Maybe you have any better idea?


Editing notification conditions


To build notification I decided to use an icon that is linked with the parameter on others screens. The small icon is app icon. And what user want to see? As title text and in my opinion the most important the user will get a message (information which he types during notification configuration). As a content text user can see circumstances that led to sending this notification. What do you think?



What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Connect charts with database
  • Add alarm to Android alarm scheduler
  • Prepare disable alarm view



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