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#Week 9 – Disable alarm now!

Hi, in last days I come back to alarm case. My task to this week was a handle alarm.

I prepared logic to create alarms and now is a good time to allow user enable and disable configured alarms. The new view is a screen which is visible when our alarm is activated and we must disable it. Of course, we all hate it. I know that it may be beautiful but nobody like it. 🙂

I try to keep one style my application and this screen also consist of a header and main view. In header is current time and name our alarm. The biggest accents are the most important element on this screen and are it a button to turn off the alarm. As I mentioned earlier to turn off activated alarm we have to be in range configured earlier beacon. It will be motivation to get up and go to the place where is our device to turn off the alarm and now going back to bed and sleeping will be less likely.

To better detection our device there is also the available distance to the beacon, a time when was last visible on our app and current signal strength. What do you think about this view?


Disable alarm view


What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Connect charts with database
  • Location tracking
  • Save beacon location to database



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