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#Week 10 – Configure your beacon

Hi, in the near future I’m going to work on communication with a beacon. After adding beacon it must be configurable.  Screen with details is shown below. Here you can edit name your beacon, edit color, check battery status and check if the beacon is moved. If last two options occur: battery is low or beacon is moved will be sent notification. And after click on notification content, you can check that you show that action occurs and you take care of it. Beacon has a motion sensor and if you want to observe his move here is a place for that. It can be useful in many situations for example if your beacon will be in a car or pinned to a bike in a garage you get the notifications if the thief will try stole your vehicles. Another example can be for example beacon on the doors, windows or for instance refrigerator door. 🙂


Beacon details and configuration

The second section on this screen is information and configuration options about scanning and tracking. You can enable or disable scanning this beacon or tracking on the map with GPS positions. You can see information about a distance to the beacon, power strength and time when the beacon was last visible. Tracking on the map can be configured. Dependently when your beacon will be you can select the appropriate parameters such as how often app should save location, how much points will be available (others will be removed from database) and after how much time will be send notification (sometimes should be now for example if beacon will be in the pocket, but sometimes it mustn’t be in real time for example if beacon is in the bag). The last element on this screen is a button to remove beacon from the database. What do you think about this screen?


Beacon details and configuration – the rest fo the screen

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Connect charts with database
  • Location tracking
  • Start BLE developing




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