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#Week 11 – Beacon localization

Key task that I realized in last time was handling beacon localization. Result my work is visible on the screen below. A user can see last available points on a map. Points are stored in a database. I set a default limit to 300 points for each beacon and if this range is exceeded older points are removed, but this limit is customizable by the user in a screen presented here. After the start this view, the map is focused on the last point. Markers are clickable and after the click, you can see a time when this point was registered. If a connection with beacon is lost sent is notification. I also decided to add a path between points to easier identification where our beacon was and where is now.

To present GPS localization paired with beacon I prepared a simple test where I walk on the street and ride a tram. Points on the map are set as 300 and time to refresh localization as 3 minutes.


Beacon localization during walking and ride


Beacon localization during drive through Cracow

I started the developing library to Bluetooth handling.  I try to show it in the next post.

What now?

Plan for the next week is following:

  • Handle all custom beacon parameters
  • Connect with beacon
  • Scanning in background

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