Hey !

Here Dominik, online often “b00sti“, student AGH (Electronics and Telecommunications, Embedded Systems) and Android developer.

This place is the result of one of my many ideas. A place for you and for me. The main goal of this site is to write down my thoughts for a summing up what I know, what I can, what I created and what I came up. Purely as a hobby.

And what can you found here? That’s what I do, what I like and what love, so:

  • New technologies, old technologies, simply technologies
  • Android and Java
  • Travelling
  • Futurology
  • Trying new

If you want to read about what is fascinating about this fields you will enjoy!

I like feedback. Comments are welcome and I wish you a nice reading!

PS Sorry for my English, I know that is not perfect, but I’m still learning.

PS2 Where you can find more me?

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