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Design Patterns – first look

In software engineering, a design pattern is a general repeatable, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. Modern software development has to be opened to fast and frequent changes in business requirements, future extensions and easy in maintaining. But in which way achieve these goals? This isn't the simple process. However, since… Continue reading Design Patterns – first look

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REST API – first look

Let me answer to three fundamental questions in this topic. What is REST, for what and how use it? Representational state transfer (or RESTful Web Services) is a software design concept for managing state information providing interoperability between computer systems. The basic idea of REST is storage objects on the server-side as available to format… Continue reading REST API – first look

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Faster CPU – what ideas are used

Each processor performs similar repeated operations. This can be following steps: Fetch the instruction Decode the instruction Read the effective address Execute the instruction Write back Processor read and execute appropriate instruction coded in a program. In simpler and older CPUs, the instruction cycle is executed sequentially, but it is slow. A good idea is… Continue reading Faster CPU – what ideas are used

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Computer architecture

At the beginning of this article, let me answer the question of how the computer architecture differs from the computer organization. An answer is simple, computer architecture contains these elements that are important for the programmer. Thus, it matters how programmer writes programs. Such parameters may be data types, the way of addressing memory or… Continue reading Computer architecture