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#Week 11 – Beacon localization

Key task that I realized in last time was handling beacon localization. Result my work is visible on the screen below. A user can see last available points on a map. Points are stored in a database. I set a default limit to 300 points for each beacon and if this range is exceeded older… Continue reading #Week 11 – Beacon localization

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#Week 10 – Configure your beacon

Hi, in the near future I'm going to work on communication with a beacon. After adding beacon it must be configurable.  Screen with details is shown below. Here you can edit name your beacon, edit color, check battery status and check if the beacon is moved. If last two options occur: battery is low or… Continue reading #Week 10 – Configure your beacon

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#Week 8 – Notify me

In this week I worked on notifications. I think the best way to observe my progress will be observing screens. I also spent some time working on layouts quality. Layouts quality This refactor can be divided into few steps: extracting strings and sizes reusable styles using include using merge I think by this process I… Continue reading #Week 8 – Notify me

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#Week 7 – Icon and code quality

Hi, last days was a little crazy, but work on this project doesn't slow down. In this week I focused on two main tasks. First was a code quality, a second was a problem with animated charts (I mentioned it here). Additionally, I added an application icon. Code quality I spend some time on refactoring… Continue reading #Week 7 – Icon and code quality

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REST API – first look

Let me answer to three fundamental questions in this topic. What is REST, for what and how use it? Representational state transfer (or RESTful Web Services) is a software design concept for managing state information providing interoperability between computer systems. The basic idea of REST is storage objects on the server-side as available to format… Continue reading REST API – first look

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#Week 6 – Show me weather

Hi, in last week I focused on Weather tab. As in the picture visible below, the header is light refreshed. Because a problem with weather icon animation I decided to change a layout to following. Important newness is retrieving weather information from the Internet. App consumes API from this site. The main parameter needed to… Continue reading #Week 6 – Show me weather