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#Week 11 – Beacon localization

Key task that I realized in last time was handling beacon localization. Result my work is visible on the screen below. A user can see last available points on a map. Points are stored in a database. I set a default limit to 300 points for each beacon and if this range is exceeded older… Continue reading #Week 11 – Beacon localization

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#Week 10 – Configure your beacon

Hi, in the near future I'm going to work on communication with a beacon. After adding beacon it must be configurable.  Screen with details is shown below. Here you can edit name your beacon, edit color, check battery status and check if the beacon is moved. If last two options occur: battery is low or… Continue reading #Week 10 – Configure your beacon

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Retrofit – first look

Many mobile apps need exchange data with a server (mostly by HTTP protocol). It could be realized by REST API. What is REST I shortly introduced here. Retrofit is a REST client for Android (or just Java) developed by Square. Of course, you can create the connection with the server without external libraries, but it… Continue reading Retrofit – first look

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RxJava – first look

Reactive programming has become very popular in last time. I think for beginner developer it could be a little bit overwhelming and difficult to understand. Why should you direct your attention to this approach? Firstly, what is reactive programming and RxJava or RxAndroid? The most popular definition is that reactive programming is an extension of… Continue reading RxJava – first look

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REST API – first look

Let me answer to three fundamental questions in this topic. What is REST, for what and how use it? Representational state transfer (or RESTful Web Services) is a software design concept for managing state information providing interoperability between computer systems. The basic idea of REST is storage objects on the server-side as available to format… Continue reading REST API – first look

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Faster CPU – what ideas are used

Each processor performs similar repeated operations. This can be following steps: Fetch the instruction Decode the instruction Read the effective address Execute the instruction Write back Processor read and execute appropriate instruction coded in a program. In simpler and older CPUs, the instruction cycle is executed sequentially, but it is slow. A good idea is… Continue reading Faster CPU – what ideas are used